Do you like Pinot Noir

If you like Pinot Noir you are in for a treat.

If you like a vintage that produced great drinking wines across the board then keep on reading.

In 2012 Oregon produced a wonderful vintage.  You will find lovely wines across the spectrum from almost every vineyard.

That said one wine critic had this to say:

“ don’t mean to scare you away from 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir. Maybe you love that wild orgy of mouth-meltingly ripe fruit that warmth and drought can impart to Pinot Noir. In that case, buy this stuff by the case, buy every producer from every corner of the valley at every price point, because these wines were minted by god and nature in a workshop inside your head. I may like Pinot Noir that has power without weight, but if you like a little weight, 2012 is what you’ve been waiting for you.”

It is always wonderful to drink a wine that has its own terror, but when you can comfortably purchase a wonderful Pinot Noir without worrying if it will be good it is comforting and enjoyable to me.

The weather Gods shined down on Oregon in 2012. The vines bloomed early followed by a lovely spring. Summer was warm with even-temperatures with 104 rain free days in a row. WineSpectator considers this one of the best vintages ever from Oregon. 59% of the Pinot Noir received 90 points or better by WineSpectator.

pinot 2012Consistency across the spectrum results not only from the wonderful weather but by an influx of major wine companies. “In the past few years, Oregon has had an influx of money and talent not only from Burgundy (Maison Louis Jadot), but also from California, its old bete noire. Kendall-Jackson has been buying up Oregon property as if it were Tesla stock in 2010; the Wagner family of Caymus fame recently unveiled Elouan, an Oregonian twist on their Meiomi brand.”

This consistency extended to all of Oregon’s wines.

Many of the vineyards in Oregon are small and do not produce thousands of cases of wine. My blog covers wine produced in some volume typically over 3000 cases in this case. Pricing on Pinot Noir is not on the low end. If you wish to buy in volume check the web as you will find special pricing on many wines. Somehow I never had an issue getting my wine delivered.

Some wines to consider: 2012 Vintage:

Ken Wright pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 92 points @ $25
A focused wine with black cherry and mint flavors with a nice finish

Ponzi – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley ragted 91 points @ 25 (always a favorite of mine)
A core of cherry and raspberry with a hint of cinnamon best after 2016 to 2022

Argyle – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley reserve rated 92 points @ $40
A crisp red with berry, plum and quince flavors – nice tannins and finish – drink through 2022

Sokol Blosser – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Delinea 300 rated 91 points @ 25
A ripe wine of plum and currant with a long finish best before 2020.

Cardwell Hill – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 90 @ $24
A lighter wine with cherry flavors to a sleek finish best before 2020

Coelho Pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 90 points @ $28
A sleek wine of tangy red berry and spice flavors with a lingering finish

Evening Land – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 90 points @ $28
Has a delicacy and cherry flavors through to the finish

Lange – Pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 90 points @ $24
Spicy plum / boysenberry around a light structure and fine tannins – nice finish

Planet Oregon – Pinot Noir Oregon rated 90 points @ $35
A focused wine of plum, currant and dusky spice that needs a little time .

Soter Pinot Noir Willamette Valley rated 90 points @ $35
Brimming with red berry, cinnamon, coffee and spice through the refined finish.

WillaKenzie Pinot Noir Yamhill – Carlton District rated 90 points @ $30
Lighter wine with a core of cherry, cinnamon and cream flavors through a vivid finish.

A to Z Wineworks – Pinot Noir Oregon rated 89 points @ $19 (136,000 cases made)
Light wine core of raspberry and expresso with a nice finish. Drink through 2017 not long lived.

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