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You may have thought I dropped off the end of the earth. My life became sidetracked completing a few long overdue landscape projects that took a lot longer than we thought. New outdoor shower and deck off bedroom along with a new paver walkway consumed my summer.

No way to make a living that is for sure.

That said it had lots of health benefits via getting better fit.


I have been watching the interest rate conundrum for a few quarters. Long term rates are itching up a little slower than short term rates, which can cause some concern. My view was they were holding long term rates lower in hopes of not disturbing the real estate market. The WSJ indicates the market is feeling the pain a little. “The firm said about 1.53 million loans secured by residential property were originated in the quarter, down 16% from the first quarter and 27% from a year ago. Originations reached their lowest level since the first quarter of 2014.”

What does it mean is a good question.

As outlined in the article the increased carrying cost had to come from somewhere and it is keeping some folks away from the market or the houses they want. Until wages pick up some slack or the market adjusts it may impair some sectors of the market from manufacturing to service. Not sure if China or US will feel most of the pain on the manufacturing side.

The Spring market will hold some better long term clues.


My wine blog has been somewhat silent as I continue to be underwhelmed by the quality and price of the current offerings. Europe had a few bad years in more ways than wine. The fires in California destroyed some crops. So what should we be looking for at this point.

Personally we have been enjoying some of older wines with friends, and sampling white and reds from our small local retailer. The best is we had a major plumbing issue in early July with guest arriving. Plumbing and wine you ask. To entice the plumber to come I left a bottle of 2001 German Riesling in the tub. Chris came and saved the day and left with a big smile on his face.

If we like the region the Kirkland brand comes from we try a bottle. Kirkland wines score in the mid 80s on WineSpectator 100 point scale. it will be interesting to see how these wines evolve over the next few years. Costco is the worlds largest wine retailer with tremendous buying power. These wines come and go in days sometimes. If you find a specific wine that hits the spot for you don’t think it will be around for long. That is long winded for buy up when you like it.

As I have said several times wines out of Europe for the most part are in smaller case lots. Below is a update on what you might look for in the market. Enjoy!

Europe is coming back and several growing regions continue to produce consistent quality.

Tuscany / Chianti – 2015 vintage scored 97 points. Look at Costco and other big retailers for good deals on this vintage. Per WineSpectator “Long-lived, powerful and concentrated reds, yet the best have purity and elegance; great value”

New Zealand – really consistent growing seasons over the last several years. You are starting to see more Pinot Noir out of New Zealand. If you like Sauvignon Blanc this is a good place to start.

Australia – consistent for the most part – Shiraz and big and juicy reds. Some interesting whites.

France – all regions 2015 and 2016 – wonderful vintages. Great deals on Rhone wines and with some many wineries at the low mid price point buy and enjoy.

Oregon – consistent

Washington State – consistent.

Finger Lakes NY – interesting upcoming region especially if you are traveling in the region.

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