How do we protect ourselves

/How do we protect ourselves

How do we protect ourselves

Per Wired Magazine:  “The headline news is that the NSA has surreptitiously “burrowed its way into nearly all the security architecture” sold by the world’s largest computer networking companies, including everyone from U.S. mainstays Cisco and Juniper to Chinese giant Huawei”.

On New Year’s day morning I am sipping my coffee and reading Yahoo when I see this article that outlines how our Country has implanted code into every devise we use making our private business communications available to NSA for storage and review.  No big surprise except it left me wondering how it is going to implode onto the business world.  Is the day coming when unscrupulous business people will have access to an app that allows them to enter a phone number and obtain all the data on that person’s phone or computer.  I am not sure encryption is enough to protect your deals and assets.

A perfect storm is plummeting the Northeast as bitter cold and snow converge into a blizzard of proportions that leave my memory bank empty as it is the cold of -20s that fails my memory bank.  Are we facing a similar perfect storm in America?

Espionage has been ongoing in Corporations worldwide for decades or is it the beginning of time.  We live in a new world paradigm.  If our President can have the talking points from the head of the UN before he enters his office for a meeting why cannot the opponent in a litigation, corporate takeover, or as minor as  a loan proposal have your data giving them an edge.  Madoff stole billions, “The Wolf of Wall Street” sold stocks that did not exist, what is stop folks such as those from buying an illegal app to take your money and strategy.  Nothing!

The world is for sale for the right price and what is to stop others from bribing NSA employees for insider information.  The information is stored right now on a computer outside its owners systems.  When does the app become available to the masses to access that information?  Soon I am afraid.

  • How do we protect ourselves?
  • Legal Beagles – can we sue the US Government / NSA if data is sold or stolen that impairs a deal, strategy, or intellectual property is stolen costing Billions?
    • What are our remedies?
  • Do we go back in time and exchange only hard copies of documents and strategies that are not stored on systems – come on man – not going to happen using snail mail.
  • When will the app be developed to remove the snooping from our computers, tablets, phones and eye wear coming soon?

Personally I find this a compelling subject that we as a generation need to sort out and lay the ground work for a safer and more ethical world for our children and future generations.

Sales Pitch:

Count me in if anyone knows of a group of brilliant young techies developing an app to solve the problem.  I offer my business and financial expertise for a piece of the futures.



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