3 01, 2014

How do we protect ourselves

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Per Wired Magazine:  “The headline news is that the NSA has surreptitiously “burrowed its way into nearly all the security architecture” sold by the world’s largest computer networking companies, including everyone from U.S. mainstays Cisco and Juniper to Chinese giant Huawei”. On New Year’s day morning I am sipping my coffee and reading Yahoo when I see this article that outlines how our Country has implanted code into every devise we use making our private business communications available to NSA for storage and review.  No big surprise except it left me wondering how it is going to implode onto the business world.  Is the day coming when unscrupulous business people will have access to an app that allows them to enter a phone number and obtain all the data on that person’s phone or computer.  I am [...]

14 08, 2013

SEC Says Fraud is going to Increase

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The WSJ on July 9th outlined a new task force formed by the SEC to identify fraud. According to the article "There still is financial-reporting fraud going on out there," said Andrew Ceresney, the new co-director of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Enforcement”. If so, the SEC may have delivered a wake-up call. "We think there's a need to focus our attention to identify accounting fraud," said Mr. Ceresney, the new co-head of the task force… “ With the recovery gaining, companies have to worry about rising interest rates as investors brace for a reduction in bond buying by the Federal Reserve. Some businesses that have benefited from historically low interest rates could be in for a shock. ‘Frauds come to light when the economy tightens up and money is restricted,’ Mr. Ratley said. Many [...]