Helping Companies in Transition

Working with companies in transition may it be: expansion plans, capital / working capital sourcing, improving operations, or  100 daysinterim “C” suite assignments requires leaders who can lead the team to a successful conclusion. CRL has a long history of leading companies in transition to a successful conclusion. Transitions are periods of opportunity, a chance to start afresh and to make needed changes in an organization.  The outside leader must be able to assimilate information and understand an organizations internal structure swiftly and accurately. Many times external circumstances prompt a change in leadership. These external changes can be technology, competitors, suppliers, buyers, customers, or the market in general. A radical change in leadership is needed.

You must make a quick study of the situation and develop action plans for companies in transition.  Time is not on your side.  To many people look at the numbers and make decisions based upon limited information and their action plans actual impair a business.  Cutting costs is easy.  Cutting the right costs is not easy.  Understanding your customers, market, and the service required to grow and prosper is critical.

It is not unusual to see companies in transition in a constant state of fire drills.  Everything is last minute and everyone is running around trying to make the “boss” happy.  They forget the boss is the customer not the person sitting in the corner office.

Some of the qualities an outside leader should bring to the Company:

  • Establish strategic plan going forward

  • Bring a broad range of experience

  • Provide a vision for the staff to follow

  • Need to be a good listener

  • Establish operating requirements

  • Need to build trust within organization

  • Architect of organization change

  • Develop persuasive strategy focused on eliminating weak points

  • Establish roles of senior team

  • Empowered senior team aligning expectations with reality

  • Bring new thoughts and ideas

  • Establish an environment employees feel safe and secure



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