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29 04, 2016

Transforming to NewCo

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:49-04:00 April 29th, 2016|business advisory|0 Comments

Many companies face challenges during their economic life cycle and must reconstitute themselves to stay abreast with technology and markets.  All too often we see companies that fail to change and disappear.  Developing new products and markets bring on new and different challenges to a company’s existence.  Some of these challenges create obstacles not encountered before.     Capital Restoration can help avoid the obstacles and smooth the waters assisting the team in avoiding a killer storm. Case Study: Your longtime client / customer has been profitable for years but is concerned they will run out of cash as they strategically look to move into new markets.  How this plays out can determine if you have a CEO opportunity or a customer for another decade.   (CEO = career ending opportunity). This [...]

1 04, 2016

Wine Update

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:49-04:00 April 1st, 2016|wine|0 Comments

Spring is finally here and the snow and cold stayed north of the border for much of the winter. This blog will take a look at: What minerality means.  Can we really taste minerals from the soil in our wine or is it a myth. Parmigianto-Reggiano - yes cheese - a short discussion on how to buy a really good Parmigiano. The real deal. Alternatives to expensive French Wines Minerality What does minerality mean in wine. When I am cooking certain foods they work best with a wine showing minerality.  When I think of minerality I think in terms of certain European white wines vs our California chardonnays.  When I sip the wine it makes me think of what a mineral might taste like and really enhances shell fish.  This was discussed [...]

23 02, 2016

World of wine

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:49-04:00 February 23rd, 2016|wine|0 Comments

Winter is usually a quite time in the world of wine. The fall harvest is in sitting quietly in barrels maturing. In this blog we will take a look at WineSpectator's top 100, the business of wine as it impacts our buying power, and some good stuff cheap. The Business Side of Wine Consumers spending habits have changed slightly in the last few years with a slight decline in purchases of wine under $10 and a new sweet spot of $10 to $25.  In my view some of this is driven by distributor pricing rather than folks looking to spend more.  The $ value proposition has changed and it is more difficult to find really good value from large productions.  Some of this is driven by weather and some by price of vineyards.  [...]

23 11, 2015

Japan, China and US economies

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 November 23rd, 2015|business advisory|0 Comments

Recent economic data released by Japan, China and the US  creates an interesting paradigm. For me the real question is how these challenges impact our clients, customers and us directly. The recent economic data is not necessarily bad news but interesting.  The data is presented to create meaningful thought on how this data can impact you and those you service. Specifically we will look at Japan’s mild recession, China’s fight to keep its economy moving, and some insights into the US market. Inventories decline in Japan creating negative economic results, China continues to struggle with over expansion and declining growth, and  some yellow lights blinking on the US economy. Japan's Economy slips into recession Yet the contraction was relatively mild, and a decline in inventories was the biggest factor. Japanese government officials [...]

18 11, 2015

Wine / Beer for Thanksgiving

By | 2017-11-21T14:55:07-04:00 November 18th, 2015|wine|0 Comments

Thanksgiving is upon us. The extended family is coming for dinner so you start to think what fluids can be served to the masses without breaking the bank. As will be explored in a little more detail Thanksgiving dinner is not a time to serve expensive aged wines. Too much sugar and flavors mingle around the table so keep it young and fruity. We will take a look at some wine and beer varieties to provide some structure for your shopping pleasure. Pairing wines and beers with the Thanksgiving meal goes beyond what goes best with turkey. The Thanksgiving table is bursting with flavors: sugary sweet potatoes, garlic fennel mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing that ranges from just bread to apple sausage corn bread stuffing, rich gravy, and Aunt Susan’s special whatever. All these [...]

2 10, 2015

Wines that deliver for small $$

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 October 2nd, 2015|wine|0 Comments

The world is afloat with cheap wine.  Our task is to find good wine that is well priced.  What is well priced to some is outrageously priced to others.  This blog will focus on wines under $20 that deliver quality.  These wines will come from high volume producers in regions that had good growing seasons.  The focus will be on Cabernet, Chardonnay and a smattering of Syrah.  I do urge Pinot lovers to buy the 2012 / 2013 California Pinot Noirs.  You will find great value in these Pinots and please see my previous blog. Cabernet Vina Carmen   Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley Alto Gran Reserva 2012 Score: 91      Price $15     Country Chile A rich, well-spiced red, with luscious flavors of tar, licorice and dark plum, supported by ample acidity and firm tannins. [...]

9 09, 2015

Pinot lovers rejoice

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 September 9th, 2015|wine|0 Comments

California The strong growing conditions for Pinot Noir in 2012 and 2013 resulted in two wonderful vintages. The growing season in 2013 was a little dryer, surprise I know with a drought ongoing in CA, that produced richer wines. The 2013 will have a little more character, but the 2012 are strong and should not be overlooked. Pinot Noir is grown up down the California coast. The dry and warm weather allowed the growers to control the leaf growth early in the growing season. This allowed for better grape management. Yield control was an issue as it took the heavy yields longer to ripen exposing the vintage to weather issues. Those issues did not develop. Pinot Noir growing regions: From South to North Santa Barbara – this area rated from mid [...]

22 07, 2015

2013 California Chardonnay

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 July 22nd, 2015|wine|0 Comments

2013 California Chardonnay delivers not only another strong vintage that is distinctive.  The wines contain a higher level of phenolics which are similar to tannins.  These wines will get better with time rather than fresh out of the bottle.  Aging 3 to five years may be helpful in extracting the most enjoyable drinking experience. Growing conditions Napa Valley “Early, even and excellent” are three words being used to describe this year’s growing season and the Napa Valley wine grapes that have come from it, reflecting the consistent quality for which this world famous wine region is known. A warm, dry spring brought early bud break, helped with canopy vigor and berry size and created ideal conditions for flowering and fruit set under sunny skies. With the exception of one heat [...]

9 07, 2015

Housing market conundrum

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 July 9th, 2015|business advisory|0 Comments

Boston’s housing market may be red hot, but other parts of the state are wrestling anew with an old problem: foreclosures. The number of foreclosures initiated by lenders in Massachusetts climbed nearly 60 percent in the first five months of 2015 compared with a year earlier with the biggest increases in depressed markets. The increases are being driven by lenders pushing through their backlogs of delinquent loans after new rules governing repossessions were ironed out, said banking groups and housing advocates. (Boston Globe July 1, 2015) For personal and business reasons I have performed some due diligence in the markets west of Boston. While foreclosures are normal in all economic cycles it was surprising to see several foreclosed properties for sale in Wellesley MA and other high end communities. This begs the question what is going on. [...]

9 06, 2015

Summer Sparkling / Good Stuff Cheap

By | 2017-03-06T12:04:50-04:00 June 9th, 2015|wine|0 Comments

The snow piles are finally gone, spring flowers are almost over and summer is coming at long last. As we think of sitting back and enjoying our family and friends during the warmer months we look for lighter lively wines to enjoy. In this blog we will look at US made sparkling wine to sip and enjoy on a hot summers day. You will also find a few wines to serve at those big barbecue parties. My last blog reviewed current offerings from France. Yesterday I was looking for a nice white wine to accompany the fresh Wellfleet oysters and clams Joan and I fished for on Sunday. I purchased a no name French white from the 2014 vintage. We were pleasantly pleased with the crisp light white obtained for $10. A pleasant surprise for sure. [...]

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