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You may have thought I dropped off the end of the earth. My life became sidetracked completing a few long overdue landscape projects that took a lot longer than we thought. New outdoor shower and deck off bedroom along with a new paver walkway consumed my summer. No way to make a living that is for sure. That said it had lots of health benefits via getting better fit. Housing I have been watching the interest rate conundrum for a few quarters. Long term rates are itching up a little slower than short term rates, which can cause some concern. My view was they were holding long term rates lower in hopes of not disturbing the real estate market. The WSJ indicates the market is feeling the pain [...]

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this and that

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy This blog is what I call “this and that about wine”. In the last month I have read a few articles on wine that I found interesting. We all walk around a retail store like Total Wine lost in a sea of wine reviews. A recent article in the WSJ brought the issue front and center. This blog will take a quick look at simplifying all the noise. Second will be a short piece on Sauvignon Blanc looking at the broad array of flavors that make this wine a challenge at least for me. And lastly a few bargain wines for masses at the barbecue. What's up with wine ratings. Wine reviewers continue to grow in number and their impact on wine sales is substantial. That said, not all reviews are equal [...]

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2015 Chilean Cabernet

2015 Chilean Cabernet Chile is crafting Cabernet that competes head to head with many of the wonderful Cabernets from California and France. Major producers such as Mouton Rothschild have invested heavily in the vineyards and facilities. The better Chilean wines are great when young, while having the staying power to age. One of the nice things about Chilean wines is they are produced in large case productions. Their most expensive wines are just over a hundred, not hundreds, or thousands. Personally with the 2015 vintage rated 92 points our plan is to procure several cases and lay them down for a bit. We procured a number of the 2001 cabs at under $15 from Chile and enjoyed them for a good 10 years.  Not sure how you can go wrong buying up some under $17 cabernet [...]

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2015 Oregon Pinot Noir

The 2015 vintage from Willamette Valley may go down as one of the greatest vintages ever. The 2015 vintage sits in the middle of three great vintages. The vintage had wonderful quality and high yields. All good for the consumer. The growing season was exceptional starting with early flower buds followed by a near perfect weather for the balance of the season. Overall the quality has been very good to excellent with plenty of sugar and enough acid to balance it and thankfully, lower than average pH levels. WineSpectator rated the vintages as follow: 2014 = 96 points, and 2015 = 95 points. WineSpectator’s testing found 60% of the Pinots rated 90 points or higher. What a great time to improve your inventory balance. Really good Stuff Cheap Beaux Frères Pinot [...]

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2018 Buying list

If you were wondering what happened to my blog think flu season. Ouch for sure. This blog will look quickly again at the wonderful wines coming out of France with the primary focus of the blog on my current wine buying list. This should provide a very broad view of the market today as our pallet is broad and moves with the vintages. France is undergoing a wonderful stretch of vintages starting with 2014. The reds are tremendous but many require time to evolve. The Boudreaux’s will be approachable after 2023 or 25. Others like Chateau du Pape will be approachable much earlier. The unclassified bottlings many of us buy at under $25, yes inflation has set in, still will take time to evolve. If you desire early consumption decanter [...]

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Champagne for the New Year

We wish you and your family a glorious New Year. This blog is dedicated to Champagne not sparkling wine. If you wish a good bottle of sparkling wine buy Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley (under $25) . This sparkling wine was # 25 on WineSpectators top 100. Should be plenty to go around with 80,000 cases. Back to Champagne. Champagne comes in a number of categories. Sugar Content (Dosage) Extra Brut – no sugar Brut champagne up to 15 grams of sugar Extra dry contains 12 – 20 grams, Dry contains 17 – 35 grams of sugar making a slightly sweet Champagne. Grape Variety Blanc de blancs are made from entirely Chardonnay Blanc de noirs is made entirely from Pinot Noir. This will be [...]

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Wine for Holiday

What to buy for the holidays: The holiday season is upon us. This blog will focus on wines for the holidays, and in three sections. Wines for a crowd, wine to bring as a guest, and cellar worthy wines for that special someone. As I was thinking about writing this blog WineSpectators top 100 arrived, and we were out shopping at Costco. Both provided critical information to share. Wine for the Crowd So you have a crowd coming and need some good stuff cheap. You will find a range of options. Costco was featuring in our location three wines by the case @ around $5.50 per bottle. None of these wines will be winners of any contest but at under $6 and most likely rated in low to mid 80s it is [...]

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Wines of TuscanyGrowing conditions is the big differentiator for Tuscan vintages. As life would have it the weather in 2014 was not conducive to growing good grapes. On the other hand 2015 and 2016 had wonderful growing conditions. Growing conditions “Cold and wet, the 2014 growing season presented many challenges, including pressure from fungal diseases, lack of sunshine and warmth, and abundant rainfall. However, from the end of August through September, the weather was perfect, an advantage for Tuscany's workhorse grape, the late-ripening Sangiovese.” While not all the vineyards under-performed it is just a vintage to avoid. The 2015 vintage is another story and the wines are just starting to appear on store shelves. The growing conditions in 2015 revolved around a hot summer with ample rain followed by a lovely [...]

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2014 French Whites

With the remains of Harvey pulling away from the coast, I thought writing my wine blog would be a great diversion from the weather.   Finding Good Wine Cheap. Our diets have turned lighter which has turned our attention to whites and light reds.  We are lucky that a small wine retailer in Wellfleet center has an eye for obtaining an array of good wines under $12.  For the most part my focus is on white wines from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.  Not a fan of Pinot Grigio.  The whites in general pair really well with vegetables, fish and chicken.  Chardonnay is a challenge as we have moved away from oaky chardonnay in our household, and as such focus on chardonnay that is unoaked.  No of these whites will be confused with a Montrachet but they [...]

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Value wines from Washington State – 2015

When I think of value wines Washington State is always on the top of my list.  The 2015 vintage does not disappoint.  Washington State is attracting young winemakers that are building new vineyards with new grape varieties to take advantage of the terroir. The 2015 vintage saw another year of hot dry weather requiring good canopy management.  In the end, however, though the crop was larger, the grapes were generally small, which created the potential for intense, tannic wines.  The tannins will require these wines to sit a bit to hopefully mellow out.  The tannins will stop the wines from scoring in the low 90s upon release but if those tannins mellow out the beautiful fruit will come forth. The wines will be deep, rich with ample structure.  Tannins will be in issue and the better [...]

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